Check out diehard fans showing off their love for the game.
Firoz saifi
To Me, Football is a Passion Football ... more
Anu Arora
I watch every single football match without miss. If I am in office, I would live stream it on my smartphone. If I am at home, I would watch it with full volume. My mom would even scold me “Ae Siyapa kado mukega”, bit I would watch it ... more
Vishal Mehra
The Excitement is Building up !!! Football is ... more
Hey o!! Joy-full lips, yup that what I’m ... more
Priya Ghosh
#EpsonBigGameHouseParty Hi team Football is ... more
Ritesh parsekar
Having football governing village and crazy ... more
My family has always been a football freak. We used to have all our household items based on football. We shout and enjoy all the football matches. My son and daughter are very keen on watching football and having snacks. I used to take my son and make him play football near our apartment and ... more
Shweta Mehra
Football is my new love and it's surely grown far more then I am following the foot players more then Bollywood or Hollywood celebs. Our what's app group names a changed on daily basis as per the match e.g. Brazil Vs Belgium . Group chats are all be goals, misses and penalty ... more
Sankar Das G
Generations of cheering!!! Football- age no ... more
When I am in class 6 in the year 1998, I cut ... more
Mackbert Fernandes
I am Mackbert Fernandes from Goa. May be the ... more
Kaviarasi Subramani
Hi this is KAVIARASIGOPINATH. To be frank I'm ... more
Yash Vig
Football is more than a sport to me and my ... more
Kaviarasi Subramani
I'm not actual fan of watching football. But my husband and his brother did. A very great fan of football. My brother in law he is such a fan that he made a locket of gold LFC LOGO. He wears it all the time, he is such fan of football. We would love to watch it in big screen with EPSON. plz ... more
Nitin Dhuppad
Me and my friends have been to screenings, ... more
Shilpa sethia
My baby AbhiRam who is hardly 1.5 years old is a sports lover and me and my husband contribute our time religiously by taking him to the places likes decathlon and other open places where he can play and roam around and get to know the new things. As far as football is concerned I am personally ... more
Sushma Pinto
There are different types of sports in the ... more
Paul DSouza
I'm a die hard England and Manchester United ... more
Brendon DSouza
I've been a die hard Manchester United fan for the last 2 decades. Out of my love for Manchester United i founded a supporters club in Goa (MUSC GOA) which was then given official recognition by Manchester United in 2015. I am currently the President of the Supporters club My life revolves ... more
Priyanka Chatterjee dey
Before marriage I don't love any spots too ... more
Suvodip Moitra
#EpsonBigGameHouseParty #WorldCup #Kolkata I ... more
🇷🇺@TeamRussia's #WorldCup heroes have ... more
Ravi Kumar
The Luzhniki has seen plenty of memorable ... more
Hello Epson I live in Goa and I have overcome ... more
Mohammad Altamash
Love of Football is eternal for much ... more
Basil Ali
My whole family loves football and we dont miss any matches. Here is my video of 3 generations of my family showing their football ... more
We salute the 'late heroes’ of the ... more
Saint Petersburg Stadium has seen five ... more
Sweden may be out of the #WorldCup, but the ... more
sasi kannan
A goalkeeper who has come into his own at ... more
Prince Sanghvi
Being a sports freak football has always help me in maintaining my stamina, my physique and my power. Playing it with a dozen of players in ... more
sahwej ali
🗣️@BenPavard28: "He’s a great forward ... more
ananya sharma
Versatility '️ Team spirit '️ ... more
Uday Bhat
It was a terrific semifinal between England ... more
Uday Bhat
Another stunner in this tournament was Belgium! De Bruyne, Lukaku & Harzard were on fire, the other night against Brazil. I personally love the Red Devils, who have amazing young, talented players in their side. Rooted for them with my son! #EpsonBigGameHouseParty ... more
Nikhil Surana
I am a die hard football fan and I would ... more
when i was in schooling .my brother always watches football game in tv .once i asked him why you always watches this game .he said FOOTBALL is a game of mistakes,whoever makes fewest mistakes will win .after listening his words only 1 match i have seen .thats it i became a big fan and always ... more
Sai Pavan
Bunking those valuable lectures to sleepless nights Keeping our eyes glued in front of screen's during penalty shootouts Preparing all those ... more
Chirag Gupta
Basically I have loved the sport even since I ... more
Krutik Munani
Have been a Manchester united football club ... more
Sanjay Ghosh
Epson In our society we think Football ⚽ is ... more
Tanay Karnesh
Football is the most beautiful game ever to be played on earth. I love playing football and watching football. It's a dream to watch the world ... more
Ambika Sharma
Epson In our society we think Football ⚽ is not meant for Girls. But I followed my passion and choose Football ⚽ as my carrier. since my ... more
Joy Deb
Epson I am from #Kolkata and the biggest fan of the football the beautiful game and Brazil! Football is in my blood, body, breath and mind! I am ... more
Vinit Lotlikar
I am a big fan of FCGoa our home team in ISL. ... more
Harihar s menon
Blasters is our blood not a ... more
Rajesh S Anand
My memories on Soccer starts with news headlines on goals of Paula Rosi on1982 final between Germany and Italy..By 1986 first TV reached our village and we were able to see highlights of many matches..Maradona magic, Contra style of Denmark , Lineker's England,free kick specialists Micheal ... more
Rajesh S Anand
My memories on Soccer starts with news headlines on goals of Paula Rosi on1982 final between Germany and Italy..By 1986 first TV reached our village and we were able to see highlights of many matches..Maradona magic, Contra style of Denmark , Lineker's England,free kick specialists Micheal ... more
Rinkal jain
I look at sports as a way of spending time with the boys/men in my family. I may not understand why they yell or talk to the TV or understand ALL ... more
27 year old football freestyler also a football ... more
FOOTBALL isn’t only about Winning. Football ... more
Guess the song that Starts with Letter "F" ... more
I'm Mohan ... more
Sanjay Ghosh
#EpsonBigGameHouseParty We are a team and we ... more
Sanjay Ghosh
#EpsonBigGameHouseParty We are a team and we ... more
Kushal Seth
Yes I am the one who loves Football more than anything else. I always watch Bengaluru FC play at Kanteerva Stadium. This football world cup with all the power houses going home one by one, I do believe world cup is set to be won by one of the underdogs of world football. Amongst which I am ... more
Bhavesh Bhansali
We r the cousins squad , wo are dedicated , ... more
Manav Khosla
We come from all corners of this blue planet. we come in all colours, shapes and sizes. we believe in many different things but you'll realise we ... more
Felcy Rodrigues
My love for football started when I was two. Like any Goan my father was a football freak and Boy! He was an excellent player. My childhood was ... more
Joyce Fernandes
My son, Joshua all of 8years recently got trained under the FC goa junior football camp. He absolutely loves football and eats and sleeps ... more
Erushka de Sousa
We are a group of die hard football fans from ... more
The line-ups for #URU and #FRA are in! The ... more
Goa is Not Only the Party Capital of India it ... more
Amit Munjal
As kids we played football maybe you call it soccer but it doesn’t matter There was this pitch in the park across the street from my childhood town tucked away in my memory like distant church bells and the smell of honeysuckle on that pitch we played world cup or full scale games ... more
Hubert Dsilva
Here I present a video link from YouTube of our colony football . And we were in fact looking out for a projector to watch the ... more
I am a big fan of football and wish to watch in bigger screen ...hope I get some day ... more
Elaine Baptista
I absolutely luv the game of football...have grown up watching it with my dad,it now runs thru my veins...every game shows technique & skills of each individual gives me an adrenaline rush like no other!wish to celebrate with an #EpsonBigGameBigHouseParty ... more
Here is my squad.. Lots of funs lots of masti ... more
Reyniel Carvalho
We're a group of close friends and family who ... more
Anandita Banerjee
Love for football increased mine in this ... more
Aniket narangkar
Like every single person I am also fan of football.when I was in school it was like 50-60 boys running towards a single football and I hardly got any changes to goal as I was not that in my society I started playing football with older boys to learn football.i also get to learn new ... more
Lavish Kumar
There’s two times of football season for ... more
We are Mad about the #EpsonBigGameHouseParty I am ready to Blast the Home game Party with Epson. There we will show the real madness of Football ... more
Football is not just a sport to me. It has shaped my life in many ways and had a huge impact on my values and beliefs now. I didn’t start ... more
Chirag Gupta
For me Football is everything. I have ... more
Every four years the month of July gets extra ... more
I harbor a lot of passion for the game of Football.It's more than just a game to me.What I do to relax and have fun in my spare time is watch or read about Foot ball.While engaged in watching or reading about this particular sport,I escape from the everyday grind of life.With World Cup around ... more
Die hard fan of CFC and FC Bayern München. ... more
Krishna Manjrekar
A die hard football fans like always waits ... more
Ranzia Rodrigues
I love football... I eat sleep n of course ... more
Indranil Das
It's always been about the enthusiasm to ... more
Shweta Mehra
#EpsonBigGameHouseParty Such is the football ... more
Football Unites us everytime and it is enjoyed most when we all watch it together. This FIFA World Cup is special because this might be the last time we are watching it together as we all step in our professional career and moving to different cities. I wish Epson to make it Awesomazing and ... more
Vipul Hegde
So it was FIFA world cup fever all of our ... more
Toral M. Shah
Football is not just a game but a religion for us... FIFA is not just an event of football but a four yearly festival at our home. We make ... more
Ramesh Natarajan
It would be an understatement to say that I ... more
Katia Simoens
We couldn't keep calm As he scored a goal ... more
Debanjan Majumder
Me with ALL INDIA FOOTBALL FEDERATION (AIFF) CEO Mr. Sunanda Dhar at Yuba Bharati Kirangan ...kolkata #ContestAlert #EpsonBigGameHouseParty *Social media ... more
Vijay giri ramaswamy
It wasn’t too long ago when the turnout was so low that we ended up playing Monkey instead. Fast forward 4 years, and this picture is what you ... more
Md Zeeshan uddin
I'm a big fan of football from my teenager.At ... more
I always had the dream of watching Arsenal ... more
Mayuresh Bhide
My love for the foot sport started way back in 2006, the finale, where Zinedine Zidan headbutted Materazzi. Seeing something loke this was unsual for me having taking the lessons of the gentleman's game (cricket) 😀 More of a World cup football fan I started to take interest in the game with ... more
Katia Simoens
Got introduced to Football when i was 6yrs old, by my dad who is Brazils biggest fan!!He taught me the rules to the game and ever since,we watched every Brazil World cup game.Football is a huge part of our lives and how we bond but the only time my dad and I support the same team is during the ... more
Avijit Chatterjee
I am from Kolkata which is called as "Mecca of Football". Here we are divided into two teams i.e. BRAZIL & ARGENTINA. I & my friends are also supporter of team ARGENTINA. At the time of playing of our team, we shouted all through times at our drawing room far from Russia for inspiring Messi & ... more
Me and my friends are a big time FOOTBALL ... more
Minal Shah
Football is not just a game it's the passion ... more
Minal Shah
Football is not just a game it's the passion ... more
Omkar H
I'm totally broke, still I brought this ... more
Siddhesh Sawant
As I'm fcgoa fans......6yrs back it was first time I has visited to c fcgoa match with painted face fcgoa logo & to c our hero mandar rao desai our goan hero .....making there way on field the end it was fcgoa won the match n made relief for goan to celebrate in pups n disco n making ... more
Sucheth Palat
1986- Brazil Vs France Brazil looses in ... more
Joydeb debnath
I am the biggest fan of the football the beautiful game and Argentina! Football is in my blood, body, breath and mind! I am a die-hard fan of ... more
#EpsonBigGameHouseParty Here is my entry ... more
#Epsonbighouseparty My father a footbal ... more
Kushal Seth
With all the power houses going home one by one, I do believe world cup is set to be won by one of the underdogs of world football. Amongst which I am supporting BELGIUM. The current Belgium squad has a perfect blend of youth and experience. This team is said to be the golden generation of ... more
David Allan Vaz
"Football Passion runs in my blood and what better way to enjoy the World Cup but with family and friends. Watching these matches together builds up the excitement and brings about the competitive of each individual. Seeing how each teams out performs each other and the moment of victory is ... more
Shiva Kumar
For my gang & I, #WorldCup2018 is the BIGGEST party by a MILE ⚽️ is a religion, it thrills us to watch the players' SKILL & GUILE The thought of projecting games in my HOME with @IndiaEpson makes me SMILE, We hope to celebrate our own #EpsonBigGameHouseParty in UNMATCHED STYLE *Social ... more
Love watching football with my friends , ... more
Ebrahim Kondkar
We are a bunch of United supporters which ... more
Sunil Suvarna
Started my football career at the age of 13 ... more
Sandy Saravanan
We are the biggest football fan. And ... more
Chandraveer Singh Chauhan
Now a days most for the families are nuclear because of mobiles, though they sty together. I find football is one thread which helps all family ... more
Joston Fernandes
The company i represent most are all die hard ... more
Prashant Keshwain
Been watching the Fifa World Cup since the last 40 years from the days of black and white TV. Remember watching midnight games on the sly without dad's knowledge when Rossi and Maradona lifted the cup for their countries. I have not missed a single match in this world cup and have planned my ... more
Sonia Bedi
#EpsonBigGameHouseParty Everyone tightens the ... more
Bhaskar Mojumdar
My story started in 1998. The first world cup of my life. I didn't understood the game but when Brazil loose the final I cried along with my father. So before understanding anything I became a fan of Brazil. Since then my one and only team in world cup is Brazil. After winning the 2002 world ... more
Kaustav Guin
There is no story of football. Its my love by ... more
Joydeb debnath
I am the biggest fan of the football the beautiful game and Argentina! Football is in my blood, body, breath and mind! I am a die-hard fan of ... more
Srikanta Sarkar
I'm from Kolkata & Kolkata used to be a ... more
Mayuresh Bhide
My love for the foot sport started way back ... more
We watch all fifa matches with friends in ... more
Naveen kumar
I’m a biggest fan of Barcelona and ... more
Swapnil Kadam
Was hoping to see Messi vs Ronaldo vs Nemyar game but now it's not going to happen, eager to see how England, Russia and Japan play. Now players I will be watching mambape, Kane, nemyar,. This world cup has shown how Asian countries are coming inline with European and Latin American countries. ... more
jayasish chakrabarti
my love for football starts from my childhood and it was increased to a peak to see ' genius of all time " Diego maradona in 1986, ; this love ... more
Ian Madeira
Yes I am the one who loves Football more than anything else.I am the one who visited Spain 🇪🇸 to watch match last year. I am the one who dream about my team Argentina, I am the one who can bunk the office to see the match of Messi.And yes I am the biggest fan of Argentina because I am the ... more
I'm a big fan of brazil. I love football it ... more
Vatsalya Pillutla
This football season, where everyone chooses to support either the big players or the big countries, I stand to support a well balanced team which has a lot of potential in them- Belgium. With the likes of Lukaku and Hazard in the front, Dembele, De Bruyne and Fellaini in the mid and Vermalean, ... more
Rakesh Jain
The game of life is a lot like football. You ... more
Ramya Sree
Being a sports lover we love playing and ... more
Sandy Saravanan
ootball, it has always been.. football and ... more
Being a sports lover we love playing and ... more
Aniket Powar
So its Saturday eve and I am all set for the ... more
Pranay Singh
I was just 12 years old when I was exposed to ... more
Sudip Saha
In the last football world cup, I used to get up at 3 AM to watch the interesting matches. I used to sacrifice my sleep and even skip work. I'm from Kolkata and being a Bengali we bleed football. When it comes to football world cup... No Compromise! I even fast so that my favourite team ... more
Sudip Saha
I have set aside my regular shirts and T-shirts and only wearing jerseys during football season. I am also having difficulties in speaking because of a sore throat due to excessive ... more
My passion for football gives me immense ... more
My story is simple.My father in law a football coacher in school.Now my hubby a trainer.I have seen both of fightining for there team.I dont whom ... more
#EpsonBigGameHouseParty Hi team Football is ... more
kumar lovely
@FrenchTeam's Presnel Kimpembe on opponents ... more
On this day in 2002, #BRA won their FIFTH ... more
Can't get enough of the FIFA #WorldCup right ... more
Ankeet Harlalka
Yes I am the one who loves Football more than ... more
Prabhu Damodharan
A big sports fan this side. Verified Twitter Handle ... more
Rachit Sharma
We're a bunch of friends who have been watching the world cup together since we were in school. In our 30s now, what started off with Fun Flips and Coke has moved on to more mature things in life. But we haven't changed in the fact that we watch it together. I keep hosting screenings in my ... more
Football is a great deal like life in that it ... more
Mayank Kumar
Football is not just a game. It's an emotion. ... more
I am a big supporter of Mohunbagan Athletic ... more
My Family has been a Football Family. We have ... more
My family has been a football family. But we ... more
Imtiyaz Ahmed
There are some things in football that can ... more
Chirag Chitlangia
I am a Huge Football Fanatic and have been to ... more
Raj Sen
Since 1986 when i was 12 year old , my dad ... more
Aditya Sharma
I've been a football fan since around the ... more
Ptakash ingle
I like private screenokng with familu projector , hd in house ... more
BRAZIL ... more
Ajo Jose
Me, my family and friends love football and to have a screening at my house would be awesome, as all my friend's and family can join in to watch the match together.. This would be a great experience as football is all about cheering your team and chanting ..and the best way to do it is watch it ... more
Sudip ghosh
I love football... My house Ek ground ... more
Ajo Jose
Me, my family and friends love football and to have a screening at my house would be awesome, as all my friend's and family can join in to watch the match together.. This would be a great ... more
Samik Kar Chowdhury
I am ready with my team to cheer for Brazil ... more
Prajwal Pinto
The World Cup comes once in four years and ... more
Pawan Maheshwari
Barcelona's remarkable Champions League ... more
I love playing football. Love seeing football and will love to have a party with my friends while seeing football. I support Argentina . I go ... more
Shreyas Oke
I have been a football fan from childhood. ... more
Mohd Fahim
I've been a fan of Football since the 1998 world cup when the French team won at home! I love watching my favourite players, the best of best players from the best clubs across the world. Football is a real game of bringing together and that's what excites. Every world cup my friends and I sit ... more
swati potale
we enjoy watching football world cup in our ... more
My Gang has Krutarth Trivedi who provides the stadium (house) Shubham Soni who is Ref of our team The players are Moin Chudesra Dhananjay Chauhan Nadim Mansuri Harsh Andani Meet Patel Epson ... more
Sambit Kesori
Being a Sports Physiotherapist, I have been ... more
Noufal Riyas
Fakhreddine Ben Youssef discusses his ... more
Don't be the one player in your league to ... more
Sunny verma
While developing a new-found love for #KOR, ... more
govind meenb
Group Stage is over and we're sad to be ... more
Amit Jorwal
Don't know how it's been for you, but the ... more
We feel pride that we represented our ... more
i bought my new house and have a place setup ... more
Deepak Singh
I love to watching this World Cup all matches.pleaure to see this FIFA going so amazing matches.Me and my friend's bigger fans of ... more
Aarjav Grover
Foot ball is not just a game but a connection between many different people all over the world For me football is: Fifa Omg Optimum Techniques Best Awesome Legend ... more
Abhijit Das
Football is not only a game for me. When I ... more
benjamin thejesvi
Never can anyone deny that soccer stands first among all the sports played on this planet. Fifa as a governing body is the ultimate one. From the years since invention of TV & live viewing of matches, we have had great collection of people thronging to watch & make merry cheering the teams and ... more
Animesh Das
The Game of Football is, without doubt, the most popular game in the world today. The very term, ‘football’, has a romance of its own. It is, indeed, a word of millions to conjure with....The game in the past was played robustly, and mostly with the application of physical strength. But, ... more
Tejpal Rajpurohit
I'm Tejpal from Mumbai and I'm a Huge ... more
Swati Kungwani
When your heart beats with every kick & your ... more
The story started on 20 July 2013 when a new ... more
Pawan Maheshwari
I love the potential at the beginning of each season and each game. When the clock starts running, anything is possible. The football season is full of devotion and defeat, rivalry and redemption, camaraderie and comebacks"all in the name of a win worthy of a Powerade-dumping and post-season ... more
Bibin Alexander
It's an experience of a lifetime we are talking about & I am rooting for my fav team #ESP @SeFutbol. The game definitely gets spiced up with #EpsonBigGameHouseParty and boy I will be chanting out #vamosespaña loud and how as its time to make this game little bigger w/ ... more
Bibin Alexander
It's for the pride my favourite team Spain is ... more
Parul Aggarwal
Yes, I am female; yes, I watch football; yes, I yell at the TV like the players, coaches, and officials hear me; yes, I love football ! I need a beer, a big screen, a bag of chips, and buddies…it’s time for some FOOTBALL!!! I love football. I really love football, As far as I'm ... more
Saket Singh
Football, aka “The Beautiful Game” fully ... more
Suriya Pandiyan
‘ Some people think football is a matter of ... more
I love Football.I won't call it love. But if ... more
Football was introduced to me by one of my ... more
Meghdeep Sarkar
All of us in the picture are passionate ... more
Rohit Nag
We are a family. Everyone of us love each ... more
" সব খেলার সেরা ... more
I have my own company. Most of my employee ... more
Ashwin Raj
I love football , experiencing third world cup season of my life though i dont recall much on the first one , I love Argentina Lionel Messi is my favourite , he is so fast and my strikes good. Neymar is also good but i wish Argentina wins the world cup. My Dad favourite team is Portugal,my mom ... more
Tanish Sharma
I started playing football since I was in 5th standard( now in 3rd year of college ) and at that time I was selected in my school junior football ... more
Esha Goswami
We are the best of friends and we have been ... more
Diganta Sengupta
We are like a family and all of ... more
Sayan Sen
A big fan of soccer, I have got a pretty big group so it will be a real fun if our entire group get to see a World Cup Match on a projector so that we can have a stadium like ... more
The Heart beats fast A shadow casts The ... more
Fleev andrade
Me and my friends are a big time FOOTBALL ... more
Rajiv Geete
Soccer to me is an escape to the stress and burdens of my everyday life. When I step on the field I get to briefly revisit the simplicity of my childhood only if for 80 minutes. I now know that the reason that I love soccer so much, is not simply because of the game itself, but because of the ... more
Rajiv Geete
Soccer to me is an escape to the stress and burdens of my everyday life. When I step on the field I get to briefly revisit the simplicity of my childhood only if for 80 minutes. I now know that the reason that I love soccer so much, is not simply because of the game itself, but because of the ... more
Shannon Almeida
It is my ability to appreciate good football ... more
Feli Ann Rodrigues
My love for football started when I was two. Like any Goan my father was a football freak and Boy! He was an excellent player. My childhood was ... more
Kai Augusto Viegas DaCosta
Me and my family is a big time Brazil fan but overall a football crazy family. Our family makes sure we watch all the big matches together. Screenings with my friends are most enjoyable and entertaining as we know every player and for which club they play and to make the screenings even more ... more
Anurag Verma
The year was 2010, FIFA World Cup in South Africa was about to begin. And it was working day, I was working at Disney at the time. Got a bunch of soccer fans together and decided to watch the match at the Manchester United Bar at High Street Phoenix. When we land there, we are told by the staff ... more
Diganta Sengupta
We are die hard football fans and no matter where we are,football always completes us,football connects us and makes us one. All of us are college-mates, some seniors,some juniors but the one thing in common for all of us is the love for Football and we can't wait to get together and support ... more
Tom Joseph
Yes, its Fifa fever back again after 4 years ... more
Kai Da costa
Once in 4 years the most prestigious tournament that unites everyone is the Fifa World Cup.! Not everybody can go and actually be present at the stadium to watch the match.! But having good company , one can recreate stadium like atmosphere in the comfort of their ... more
As a die hard Manchester United Fan I am supporting England in this FIFA World Cup & want them to win this world cup. Hope Epson India my my ... more
Irfan khan
Hi I m very big fan of football when I was child I can't remember hw many mirror I HV broken in my neighbor lots of people call me next Pele bt unfortunately my parents not support me coz of money crises bt I not loose my hope in day time I study and night time I work to save money to buy my ... more
Mayukh Chakroborty
We are die hard football fans and we would ... more
Esha Goswami
We are a family and we love each other. But ... more
Saurav singh
I love soccer and nothing can take me away from it. I like soccer because I have been playing since I was in preschool. But also when I go to soccer practice, I forget about all of the bad things that happened at school, and my personal life. It also takes my mind off of stress and drama. A ... more
Deepak g kumar
#EpsonBigGameHouseParty football is in my ... more
Papu Sakachep
I have been supporting Cr7 since i heard his ... more
I'm d biggest fan of football, especially for real Madrid and die-hard fan of Ronaldo it's my dream see a match in theatre like experience by I'm from a middle class family do I don't afford to buy a projector for myself the world cup is d biggest tournament in the world bt I watching d match ... more
Shanker Subramaniam
I have a relationships with sport - period. ... more
Sandeep Singh
Myself Sandeep Singh a 21 Year Freestyle Footballer from a small village Siwan District, Bihar. I’ve been practicing freestyle football Since ... more
Shiva Manuja
Match of Switzerland vs Serbia is over at 1.15 am but can't sleep till 5.30 am..can still feel the andrenaline !! What a match..winner goal on 91st minute by xherdan shaquiri ! Long live football and long live world cup. #EpsonBigGameHouseParty #Delhi *Social Media ... more
Navdeep Aguiar
Most Goans love football more than Cricket ... more
Nahush Bargi
Being Goan, football is in our blood. Was school captain of football team. Fascinated to watch world cup...Messi has just scored a brilliant goal against Nigeria. Seriously wish India will qualify and play in world cup some day and will give a good show. Viva football. Cheers! ... more
My son is a fan of Eden Hazard of Belgium . ... more
ASIF Mohamed
I'm a huge fan of Messi. Was totally ... more
Swati Kungwani
It’s time to take the Football craze a level up guys - @rocks_karan2811 My Football Guide who’s got every player & his team name on his tongue! The entertainer @amitrajani151 who keeps on making the goals & kicks interesting with his special comments @mulchandanipooja who ensures we have ... more
Sayan deep roy
For the world cup,we all of my friends and family will contribute money from our co operative fund to enjoy fifa World Cup 2018 (Russia).we will be sitting in my garden with my best mates and family ..there will be proper setup and arrangement with proper foods drinks and others facility to ... more
Abhay kothari
The Football the game of God Football is a simple game 22men chase the ball for 82 minutes and the whole world has eye on the match it the best way Your House Your Party One Giant Screen The Big game house party to watch Football match on Epson Home theatre projector next time I may will to ... more
Pavan Shankar H
I am just a small true blue Bridge football ... more
Harsh Bhatnagar
Watching highlights of match with awakeing ... more
Rakesh Jain
The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity. ❤️ And this would be a huge opportunity to witness a game live with my friends and family #EpsonBigGameHouseParty 😍 Join in Tweeples *Social ... more
Akash Sanghvi
Always used to believe in “Love At First Sight” and it went with Football. Being a Lover Of Rainy Season this is the game i used to enjoy ... more
Kavitha G
My chutkus nd I am huge huge fan of Messi...Ronaldo..nd want to have a huge bash nd hard rock party with make FIFA 2018 a grand memorable party...just like Epson I am here to exceed my ... more
Vaibhav Dewan
Football frenzy has taken over and we are all ... more
Mubashshir Nezam
Football, aka “The Beautiful Game” fully ... more
I am much crazy of sport. My favorite games are Football, Cricket. I have not seen Football Matches in the ground as well as on Big Screen while I am a big fan of Football. I am keen interested to watch Football Tournament live on Big Screen. When I told to my son who is 6 years about the big ... more
kamal gupta
we all are buch of frineds who all r football ... more
Tony Issac
we have even friendly matches in preparation ... more
Am entering this contest not for self but for my Hubby who is an ardent, intense and passionate fan of all games and especially "Football". His ... more
There was never a question over the passion ... more
my story is some what same as others.. It all started from those school days that very small play ground near a paddy field, where I chased after ... more
'Kolkata'-The Mecca of Indian football. The ... more
Koushik P S
I love football I love the asthetics of ... more
The House Party For Me Is My Dream To Take My ... more
Suraj Singh
Football isn't a game, it's a religion. Truly wish to have seen INDIA in the top 32.. it was truly devastating to see the Indian Captain urging ... more
"DIVIDED BY TEAMS, UNITED BY FOOTBALL!!!" We are a crazy maniac football loving family and with the World Cup on we are right now just eating, ... more
Arijit Panja
Football, I am not a writer or I am not able to express my feelings to football with a story. But if you like to ask me that what is football to me? Then I will tell you it's ... more
Carlton Carvalho
Hi, So we live in this amazing neighbourhood of about 10 houses who are all united. Our house while being built was built by my father with intended spaces for parties and get get togethers. We as a family have always been a "party type of house". During the world cup most of our schedules ... more
Swapnil Narayan chintakonta
Football is the one of the best games,ever I love football game,crotia beat with Argentina 3-0,we are football crazy people we are a team and we like to play together, nothing comes first then ... more
Prateek Sibal
The beautiful game deserves the biggest screen, and the biggest screen requires the best story. And i just happen to have the perfect fan story ... more
Joannes Pereira
Hey there, So after watching my favorite football play on the for over 12 year's it was finally a dream Come true when I watch Ricardo Quaresma play Live at the Kazan arena in Russia for the FIFA Confederations cup. Not only that I had an article about my trip featured on the Portuguese ... more
Saptarshi Hazra
My childhood became synonymous with football ... more
Balaji Dakoju
I'm innocent, shy and straight forward. When I was 9 years old, my life's ambition was to buy a Football. Become a proud owner of a brand ... more
Monjil Chakraborty
We are football crazy people,We are a team and we love to play together and stay together. Nothing comes before.We stay together,football is ... more
Srikanta Sarkar
I'm from Kolkata & Kolkata used to be a Brazil bastion in every sense of the word I'm supporting Brazil since that was the first team I support in World Cup 2002, when I had absolutely no knowledge of football. Since that time, I always support Brazil in the International Footbal. Fresh off a ... more
Arun rajeev
Football is world wide popular games that contains 11 players in each team's and it is also interesting games too and in football there good team work and football is all about playing with legs and danger too and compare to other sports football have lots of advantages because in football all ... more
Hetal Dinesh Satra
#EpsonBigGameHouseParty Football fever has caught fire and so we friends need to catch up for one of the most memorable moments we have with Fifa World Cup 2018. Monsoon and football has always been superfun.Time for one more big time party on the house from Epson ...all my besties. BIGGEST ... more
Rajesh H S
My fav team Brazil who love to play football ... more
rakhi gupta
In 90 minutes, football brings out all kind ... more
Chippy Nrepan
In our place lots of football tournament ... more
Hetal Satra
Football is the most favorite when it comes ... more
Sweta saraf
My love story with Argentina continues and I ... more
nitin atmaram bhosale
In my childhood days, whenever football was ... more
Umesh Kumar Prasad
I Bleed Blue & White!! A die hard fan of M10 ... more
I am Debasish Chakraborty i use to play ... more
Football?😅😅 Firstly I don't use to ... more
I am a hard-core football fan, when I was doing my schooling , I was the captain of one of the team. I still remember hitting a goal from 60 metres and we won the game because of that goal. Love to watch Cristiano Ronaldo in big screen especially his incredible bicycle ... more
santosh kumar gupta
from being a die hard mohun bagan fan from ... more
Sushmita santra
Hi Am Sushmita here I would love to give surprise party to my family as my husband was football player n very big fan of fifa world with him my son who is 6 yrs he is too very Crazy about football matches so if u find my reasons is valid for your contest we would love to part of this ... more
Sonia bedi
#EpsonBigGameHouseParty mine is a crazy ... more
I am from Chennai team and football is a ... more
Priyanka Thakur
I stumbled upon this beautiful game in 2006 ... more
Pankaj Dayanand Motiramani
Hi I am Pankaj age 50. Well I still remember one game during my class 12 when our school kv Jamnagar was up against sainik school balachadi in ... more
We love to watch football matches together it ... more
Abhishek Chakraborty
We are a football loving gang and we make ... more
Harish Kumar
Hi, I am Harish and I got married four years ago. My journey with football took I was in seven, I am participating in my school and college ... more
Arun Nilakantan
Just rec'd what's app link and sync world ... more
cyril manoraj
Football is game of great versatility it's of ... more
Job Reji
I am a big fan of ... more
Savio Cardoz
The World Cup is there for taking... The ... more
Charan Reddy A
Me, Charan Captain, started playing football ... more
Tony Soman
Hi, My name is Tony, i'm 21 years old...and ... more
I daily walk 3km to watch football in big ... more
Aryan raghav
Football is passion it just not a sport ... more
Mahesh Aggarwal
9 October 2017 I watched my first ever ... more
Susmit Chakraborty
We can live without oxygen but not without football. football is our religion, It gives us hope and inspiration! Our hearts beats with ... more
Jaagrav Seal
I am Jaagrav Seal, a 14 year old football ... more
Mohamed Raza
When i saw this advertisement on chennai ... more
Ketan Garg
Football Is The Only Religion I Have Ever followed. Its In My Nerves. Love For @realmadrid is never ending. Visit to Santiago Bernabeu was my dream and now is the best place i have visited #EpsonBigGameHouseParty *Social Media ... more
When I was small we don't have TV s in every home the only home in our area was a rich man's house , during football match time they used to put the TV in there car porch ,and we will go every as possible to watch the ads and carry a newspapers along with us to put it in the foor to sit. There ... more
I am a handicapped person . My left leg is paralysed by polio. Due to paralysis, I am unable to play Football etc. therefore, I abate my curiosity by watching games. In these days I am watching each & every game of FIFA World Cup held at Rusia. I am watching FIFA World Cup since 1980. My ... more
Aniket Mukherjee
I am a very big fan of portugal team. Thay r awesome and my favourite and all time favourite is my cr7 he is the best. In my home their are many photo of cr7 and in school bag also i have written cr7 he is the most favourite and a top good ... more
Vijay Sheth
With friends and family, football is religion which we celebrate every ... more
Eoghan Fernandes
Im a huge football Fanatic and not only of the world cup but of every footbal league. Right from serie A to la liga to english premier league and all the others. All of my friends have made sure we meet up for the screenings of the world cup matches and we have just enjoyed our chats and the ... more
I love football because it's my first & ... more
Gaurav Seth
The lounge was perfectly set up for the ... more
Hiyansh chandel
Everyone has a favorite sport; my favorite sport is football. I love the game of football, it is a fun game to watch and play. The game is also a physical game to play; I love to be physical. That’s probably why I like it; also, football brings people together. There’s nothing better than ... more
Football is a kind of sport that I like it ... more
Vipul Kumar
Fifa world cup is here, not only in india ... more
Ashin Yesudas
When i was small,I was not that much ... more
George Manu
My favourite football team is Brazil. I love ... more
Anurag meena
Hi , My name is Anurag . I have been following football since I was a teenager . It’s really good to watch the game as both the teams compete to outshine each other . I take time off my schedule and make sure I don’t miss those exciting matches . Wish I could watch the matches on a big ... more
Ashin Yesudas
Everyone has their own favourite games. .My ... more
Subhamoy Maiti
Iam subhamoy living in Bangalore is a very big fan of FC Argentina and cannot resist myself from watching FIFA world cup I watch all the matches even during the night and midnight without any hindrance . Iam so much interested to watch the game that I even forget lunch and dinner . FIFA was the ... more
Aditya Setalvad
I've been a football fan and football player ... more
santosh kumar gupta
From being a born mohun bagan supporter,going ... more
Sunita Katyal
I love this game of Football & I am true crazy fan of this game & its Players. Winning matches against the best of the opposition in football is ... more
Gagandeep Singh
Social Media Entry: Football is a game about feelings & intelligence. It teaches us the importance of teamwork, preparation, passion, attitude, definitions of success and dealing with failure. Watching this game on Epson projector offers a wonderful & memorable experience. ... more
Preetha Mukherjee
Football is something which drives me and my ... more
Die Hard fan of football and have been following the World Cup since 2006. I myself have played Football for my college and school and also at ... more
Tushar Rane
Social Media Entry: Football gives us immense love and happiness when we play together and to support your team with your gang makes it even more special. Like we have supported Team India this entire season ❤ It's a religion, passion which will never die ... more
Jai Patel
Social Media Entry: Football Is Life for Me!! I would be honored to host an Awesome Football party at my Place 🤟🏻 #EsponBigGameHouseParty ... more
Manish Pandya
Social Media Entry: #EpsonBigGameHouseParty Success is no accident,it is hardwork, perseverance,learning, sacrifice & above all passion of what you are doing or learning to do !! Watching a game with your mates takes it to a different level !! Ek # se hi bhi upar !! ⚽⚽! Cheers from ... more
Dilip Hazarika
Social Media Entry: The Other Sider - Suparna S Ghosh The Lucky Charm - Payal Bnerjee The Commentator - Jayshree Malhotra #EpsonBigGameHouseParty Epson Join in guys to support Sam Brahmkshatriya Kamal Advani Kamal Mudgal Ashwin S. Lingalwar Sankesh R. Bhoyar Rajeev Kapoor Bhavika Raj ... more
Ahim Paul
Social Media Entry: #EpsonBigGameHouseParty The other sider of me- Arkadeb Saha his reactions are fantabulous :P The lucky charm- Prad Ghosh & Sövondeb Pändit lucky for my favourite teams. The commentator- Soumik Sarkar the legendary peter drury of our party house :P we cheer, ... more
Prince Sanghvi
Football the name itself defines how beautiful this game is. Still remember those rainy days when i was in 5th Standard I started playing this ... more
Dhruv Kanal
My name is Dhruv Kanal & I got married just ... more
Nitish Mondal
I am very much passionate about ... more
Majority of Indians Likes Cricket. But at our Home we Likes Football especially World Cup Football. Because the game will close only 90 minutes. We want to see the famous players like Messi, Ronaldo etc.. We are combined family. My Father and My Grand pa are super fans of Maradona, Zidani. ... more
Shaik afroz kalapahad
I stadted watching football when i was 8 yr old during 1990 World cup and then beckham playing for United... I have been following Liga and Epl ... more
I always wanted a Home projector after i saw pne at my friends place....surely i can never forget that experience and this the chance to relive it so why not here are my stakes....I am always a sportslover and its FIFA WC18 the world is going crazy and so will be my place with this ... more
My journey with football took a flight when I was in my ninth. Though, I must admit it was really weird. My school was conducting a sports week and we were way too excited to bunk the classes. Football was one of the sport being played. But, only cricket had spread its charm back then. We ... more
ekta vaswani
My love for football dates back to the 2010 football worldcup. When Shaikra's Waka waka took the entire world by storm and introduced them to the football fever. Ever since then I have been glued to this sport. My favourite team being Brazil that has got not just some of the best but also the ... more
Toral Shah
We are a big sports enthusiastic family. We ... more
Football has influenced me from my childhood ... more
Manjush r menon
Fifa world cup 2018......i was waiting for ... more
We are a football maniac family. We support ... more
Susmit Chakraborty
We friends love live and eat only football. Football is in our dna. My father who is a huge Argentina supporter had a brain stroke followed by ... more
Tanay Goel
I am Tanay who resides in Kolkata. As we all know every single person on kolkata is a big fan of the football game and so am I also. I had taken football as my sport in the school and represented my school in several inter school matches. I am a big fan of MESSI and so i support Argentina. I am ... more
Anurag Kothari
I started watching soccer at the age of 9 I really loved David Silva he was my favorite , Then I started playing soccer at age of 10 and till date I play .. watching a match at home was crazy fun the amount of madness into me was crazy . I just could not move my sight from the ... more
Arpit Chatterjee
When i was in college days i would get a chance to participate on football tournament so i represented my college in Kota,(Rajasthan)as a Captain and i won gold medal by our pm narendra damodar das modi and it was my memorable moment for me because all college staff feeling very proud because ... more
Nitinn Sharma
We have a group of 10 and we can eat football ... more
we love ... more
Abhishek Chakraborty
We are a football loving gang and we make sure everytime during world cups we gather together at my house and have a party time watching football matches. We have unity in diversity though we support different teams but our love for football is unparallel and unmatched. It's an occasion for us ... more